How to use in Adobe Photoshop:

  • Open Photoshop;
  • Open document;
  • Create a video timeline. Fo this go to Window->Timeline.
    Be sure that you have 30 Frame Rate.
  • Select Animated letters and drag&drop to your document.
  • Play the animation.
    or you can watch video tutorial on YouTube.

How to use in Adobe After Effect:

  • Open After Effect;
  • Open your project;
  • Select PSD File(s).
  • Drag&drop.
    You will see Import dialog window.
    Import kind – Footage. In layer option select Choose Layer and Merge Layer Style into Footage.
  • Click OK.
    NOTE! If you import several psd files, import will be automatically with right options.
    Or you can watch a video tutorial on Youtube channel.